College of medicine | department  of ophthalmology and vision science home clinical information patient information how to use this site clinicians for patients about this site feedback search for a disorder acoustic schwannoma neurofibromatosis type ii clinical characteristics ocular features it is not uncommon for children to present with visual complaints secondary to cataracts, retinal hamartomas, or optic nerve damage from a schwannoma. information take viagra   the most common eye findings are juvenile cataracts (up to 80% of patients), followed by epiretinal membranes in 12-40%, and retinal tumors in 6-22%.   lens opacities may be located in the posterior subcapsular region or as cortical wedge-shaped opacities in the periphery where they are easily missed if the pupil is not fully dilated. buy real viagra   translucent, grayish epiretinal membranes with white edges are present in a significant number of patients, including children. cheapest place to buy viagra online   elevated retinal hemartomas in the macula are often associated with pigmentary changes. how long will 100mg of viagra last   lisch nodules characteristic of type i neurofibromatosis (162200) are generally not found in type ii.   corneal damage may occur as a complication of hypesthesia resulting from damage to the fifth cranial nerve. Ct scans reveal calcification along the optic nerve in a "tram-track" configuration occurs in 20-30% of patients with nf type ii. viagra pills Systemic features type ii neurofibromatosis often presents in the third or fourth decade of life as hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus and dizziness. female viagra uk buy A significant proportion of children (30%) present with the same symptoms although they are more likely to complain of visual disturbances. cheap generic viagra Type ii accounts for about 10% of neurofibromatosis cases.  acoustic neurinomas, usually bilateral, are far more common in type ii (95%) and are considered diagnostically distinctive by some.   such schwannomas also occur in other cranial and peripheral nerves.   neurofibromas are uncommon but meningiomas, ependymomas, and astrocytomas are seen frequently. viagra cost Schwannomas can form anywhere along peripheral nerves and at least a third of patients require surgical excision of one or more of these lesions. viagra canada   these account for the majority of skin plaques and lumps and are f. cheapest herbal viagra uk viagra for sale